If you have forgotten your password or if the link to set up your password has expired, you can follow these instructions to log into the First AML platform.

Step 1: Open your preferred browser (Google Chrome or Safari are recommended).

Step 2: Navigate to the log-in screen of the First AML platform relevant to you:

Choose your country


New Zealandapp.firstaml.com 

United Kingdomapp.eu.firstaml.com

Step 3
. Enter your email address

Step 4. After entering the email address associated with your account, click on "Continue" to proceed to the next screen.

Step 5. On the next page (below), select the link "Forgot password, or have not set one yet?"

Step 6. Enter your email address.

Please ensure that you enter the email address associated with your First AML account. Using any other email address will not generate a reset password email.

Step 6.1. Check your email inboxes

If you have not received the password reset email, please check your other inboxes, such as Spam or Junk folders.
 In case you have checked all inboxes and still haven't received the email, you can try resending it.

Step 7. Find the email in your inbox and click on the green "Reset your password" button. 

This will prompt a page on your default browser.

Step 7.1 (If browser not prompting) 

To copy the password reset link, right-click on the green "Reset your password" button and select "Copy Link". Next, open either Google Chrome or Safari browser and paste the link into the address bar.

Step 8. Type in your new password, then click on "Reset password" 

(The new password must meet the requirements mentioned) 

Step 9. Success! Click on the "Back to login" button to login with your new password.

If you continue to experience difficulties logging onto the First AML platform, you can initiate a support ticket by clicking on the "New Support Ticket" option located at the top of this page.