You may sometimes find that a matched Entity in your case has a Year of Birth (YOB) that is over one year away from the YOB you input into the platform. Or that the Country field in the matched Entity is not the country the entity is registered to in the Entity Address field.

There are key behaviours of our default algorithm setup that explain this. Firstly, it is important to remember that our algorithm builds and continuously enriches profiles through linking and integrating data from multiple sources. Data fields in one single Entity, such as DOB, Countries, AKAs and Associates can be drawn from different lists or sources and combined into one profile.

In order to reduce the possibility of false negatives, our search algorithm will only filter out results based on data points that are extracted from sources that you are screening against.

For example:

  1. The individual has a YOB of 1962. The customer is configured to search for Sanctions and PEP listings only.
  2. When we hit search, the following hit is returned. where the individual is matched against another individual with a similar Name, however, they have a YOB of 1984 (outside the +/- 1 year range).
  3. When clicking into the hit, the match individuals YOB (1984) has been pulled from an Adverse Media listing. This is because in this instance, the PEPs and Sanctions source is missing the YOB. Our screening tool will auto populate the YOB from an alternative source e.g. Adverse Media.
  4. However, as we only screened against Sanctions and PEPs, by default, our system will not rule out this match. If the YOB was being populated from a Sanction or PEP listing, then the YOB filter would exclude this entity match. The same will happen for the Country filter.

The diagram below further explains this process: