I've unwrapped the entity but it's stopped and the entity is "Unknown"

There are a few reasons why KYB unwrap might have stopped. The entity type of the shareholding entity may be either marked as ‘Unknown’ or blank:

Solution 1: If you know the shareholding entity is a private company, try changing the entity type from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Private Company’.

  1. You can do this by navigating to the ‘Structure’ tab and clicking the ‘Edit’ button.
  2. Click on the entity and it will bring up the edit module on the right-hand side. Click on ‘Entity type’ and change the entity type from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Private Company’. Then click ‘Update entity’.
  3. Exit out of the edit module by clicking ‘Close’ and now you should be able to click the ‘Start Unwrap’ button to trigger the KYB unwrap.
  4. Please note, if the shareholding entity is a public company or a UK-based LLP, you may be able to unwrap the entity by changing the entity type to a ‘Private company’.

Solution 2: The shareholding entity might not be an entity with public UBO information e.g. trust, limited partnership or be based in the jurisdiction where unwrap is not available e.g. the Cayman Islands

  1. Navigate to the Manifest and collect beneficial ownership documents for the entity that is not able to be unwrapped
  2. You can either accept the suggested requirements or click ‘Add Requirements’ and select the information you require e.g. shareholding register
    1. If the requirement you are looking for does not exist, you can add a custom requirement within the Manifest section in ‘Settings’
  3. Send the requirement out to your contacts within the case to collect this information
  4. Once you receive this, you can click ‘Edit’ within the ‘Structure’ tab and manually build out the entity structure.

There is an error message that states -  'Unwrap not available now:
Solution 1: You may have added an incorrect company number during the case creation process e.g. added the business number instead of the company number. Please note the KYB Unwrap function only works with company numbers.

  1. Navigate to the Structure tab and click on the entity that is not able to be unwrapped
  2. Add the correct company number to the 'Entity Registration Number' field under the Entity 
  3. The Unwrap button should now be blue and the entity can now be unwrapped. 

There is a screening (Sanctions/Adverse Media) match, what should I do?

  1. The following article outlines what the screening matches are and how to review a match.
    1. Entity Screening
    2. Manifest - Individual/Entity Status