What does Trust Deed ‘Assist’ do?

  • Assist is a tool that extracts and retrieves textual information from a given source (e.g. documents, images) using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The maximum size is 20 pages.
  • It will identify all the beneficial owners and persons of significant control within the Trust e.g. settlors, trustees, appointors etc.
  • This enables compliance teams to complete trust due diligence within minutes, with 90% faster data and beneficial owner identification.
  • Once the trust’s beneficial owners have been identified, the trust’s ownership structure will be constructed for you based on the extracted data.

How to use Trust Deed ‘Assist’:

  1. The ‘Assist’ function is available once a trust deed is received by the platform, either by upload or submission through the secure web form via the ‘Trust Deed’ requirement.
  2. Click the ‘Extract’ icon. You will see a pop-out prompt asking whether you would like to use Assist to extract details from the document.
  3. The extraction process will take approximately 60 seconds or less. Once extracted, click ‘Preview’ to view the extracted trust details.
    1. The ‘Assist’ feature will extract the following fields and provide the relevant page number
      1. Trustees
      2. Settlors
      3. Settlement Sum
      4. Appointors
  4. If you want to edit or review any details, click the ‘Edit’ button. This will allow you to amend any details and add types to the various beneficial owners.
  5. If everything looks correct, you can go ahead and click ‘Unwrap’. This will build the trust’s beneficial ownership structure based on the extracted fields within the ‘Structure’ tab.

Video showing the Trust Deed ‘Assist’ workflow

How to configure Auto Assist within Settings:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' --> 'Manifest' --> 'Assist'
  2. Assist is toggled on as a default. To enable automated data extraction for every document, toggle on 'Automated Assist on every document upload.' Please see the screenshot below for more information.

Further Questions?

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