The 'Cases' page within the First AML platform houses all the cases for your firm. The cases are sorted by default according to the case creation - 'Received' date. 

You can also filter the cases page to see cases according to specified conditions. 

Please refer to the gif below that walks through the different filters. 


There are four different filters available for users. These can be layers on top of each other. Select the relevant filters and click 'Apply filters' to see the relevant cases. 

To clear the filters, simply click 'Clear' and then 'Apply filters'  to reset the cases page. 

You can filter by:

  • Case Status: In Progress, Ready for Review, Completed, Abandoned etc. 
  • Office: This will show a list of all available offices configured e.g. London, Sydney, Conveyancing etc. 
  • Assigned to: Anyone, Assigned to me, Unassigned
  • Entity Type: Individual, Private Company, Trust etc. 

Please note you cannot multi-select options within each filter e.g. select two offices at once.