Within the Reporting function, a ‘Pricing Report’ is available that enables you to understand the unit charges that have been consumed within your cases. There are details on the types of checks that have been run and this article will provide further context on what these mean.

For information on navigating and using the general reporting function, please click here: In-platform Reporting.


Reading the Source Pricing Report

At the top of the report, you will see:

- Total Fixed Units Contracts

- Price Per Fixed Unit

- Fixed Units Left

Additionally, you will see the report itself that contains the case specific information:

- Case ID

- Case Name

- Case Office

- Case Reference

- Case Status

- Case Submitted On

- Case Closed On

- Case Components

- Total Case Units

- Total Case Price

Understanding the Case Components

The Case Components are the specific verification checks that have been run within a case e.g. entity unwrap, electronic verification of an individual, screening check etc.