If you see this message when you log in, here's what you can do

This message means that we can't find an active report request for you to complete - you need to have been sent a request from one of our partner companies in order to be able to complete a request.


If you see this message, it means one of the following:

1. If you were sent a request, and you've completed it

You can't amend a report that you already shared.  If you need to amend your information or your circumstances have changed, talk to the company that you shared it with.  They may send you another request to complete.


2. If you haven't been sent a request yet

Speak to the company that you're expecting to send you a request - they'll be able to tell you when they will be sending the request through.  Once you receive it, click the link in the email to get started.


3. If you were sent a request, and you know you haven't completed it, then there is a good chance your browser can't find it.

We pick up the details of your request from the link in the email you've been sent - this is saved as a cookie on your browser.  Find the most recent email from Armalytix and click the "Get Started" button.  If that still doesn't work, you may have a cookie problem - the easiest thing to do is to open up a "Private Browsing" or "Incognito" window and paste the link from the email into that - that should sort it out.


4. If none of the above work

If the company that sent you the request no longer requires it, they may have deleted it, in which case it won't work any more.  Drop us a live chat and we'll be able to confirm for you, or check with the company that sent you the request.