If you have accounts that you can't connect via Open Banking, such as ISAs and some savings accounts, then you can add them to Armalytix manually.  We normally recommend you upload 3 months' statements for manual accounts.


It is best to collect all the statements for the account before you add it - then the process is as follows:

  1. Click “My bank isn't in the list” (under the Continue button) - that will pop up a box for you to enter the account details (balance, bank name, currency etc) - make sure to add the EXACT current balance (including pence) on the account as the system will check that the balance you've entered matches the statement you upload.



  2. Click “Upload” to add statements - you’ll need to multi-select all the statements for that account in one go before uploading by using ctrl (cmd on Mac) + click. Bear in mind, that we only accept PDFs and photos/screenshots of documents (jpeg/png). 


  3. Repeat for all your accounts until you have proven the amount that you have been asked to prove.

Remember - each manual balance that you add is added up separately when we try to work out how much money you have in your accounts.  If you add the same account more than once then you will end up with the total balance across your accounts being too big. If this is the case you can hit the bin (?️) icon next to the account to remove it.