Unfortunately, some banks (notably Metro, Co-Op personal, CountingUp and Anna) do not support Open Banking, so we can't connect to them.  In addition, some banks don't make all their account types (like ISAs and some Savings accounts) available.  At the moment, Armalytix can only connect to UK-based accounts.


For these accounts, and investments like Premium Bonds or NS&I, you should hit "Bank, ISA, investment or other account not there? Click here to add manual statements" (under the bank list) and add the details manually.  You'll be able to upload statements too. 


If you're doing a Source of Funds report then you should ensure you connect your regular current account via Open Banking if you can - this will allow the system to create the best Source of Funds analysis.


More details on how to add manual accounts can be found in the help article here.