How to proceed if the system asks you to connect a current account

If you are completing a Source of Funds report, you may see the following message when you try to Continue after connecting your banks:

We ask you to connect your current account so that the company checking your Source of Funds can confirm regular income and expenditure.  


In most cases, this message means that you forgot to connect your current account when adding your banks.  In this case, hit "Connect Current Account" to go back to the bank screen and connect the bank that your current account is with.  If you already connected to the bank but didn't share your current account, then you can follow this article to disconnect the bank & re-add it. 


If your current account is with a bank that we can't connect to, then you can follow this article to add the account manually.


If you have already connected your current account but the system doesn't recognise it as a Current Account, or if you have added it manually, then you should tick the box that says "I have connected my current account already" and then hit "Continue" to proceed.