What to do if you see "Something went wrong with your bank authorisation", or if the system is stuck "Communicating with your bank"

The "Something went wrong with your bank authorisation" message is shown if we are unable to retrieve data from your bank for any reason. Bank issues are usually temporary, and if you leave it a few hours and try again you should find that the bank has resolved the issue.  If you have a banking app it may be possible to resolve the problem by logging into Armalytix on your mobile device and trying to connect from there - the app-app redirect is often more reliable than online banking.

If the system gets stuck "Communicating with your bank", this means that it is taking a long time to download data from your bank.  If your bank is slow, or if you have a lot of data, then this can take a few minutes (or longer if you have loads of data).  It may be easier to log off and then log back in a little later when we will have had enough time to download all the data to continue your report - in our experience 15-20 minutes is long enough for even the slowest banks and huge sets of data.