If you're doing a Source of Funds, how should you and your partner reflect joint accounts on the report?

In most cases, either joint party should be able to connect the joint account to their report and prove the total balance.  If the other party has also been asked to do an Armalytix report, it is important to ensure that only one of you includes the joint account balance on their report.

If you are completing an Armalytix questionnaire which asks about how much you have in your accounts, and the money in question is sitting in a joint account, then you should indicate that you have the funds and proceed to connect the account. Your partner should then avoid referencing those funds in their report.

When it comes to explaining where the funds came from, you should add separate answers to explain where each of you got your portion of the money. 

So, if for example one of you inherited £15,000 and the other saved £12,000 from your salary, you would first click "I inherited it" and then fill in the details of the £15,000, and then following this you would click "I saved it" and fill in the details of the £12,000.