Video Walkthrough on how to complete each Journey

Here are five videos that outline the step-by-step process of how to complete the Armalytix request for each journey.

  • Individual Residential Property Purchase Journey

  • Standard Consumer Source of Funds Journey

  • Company Property Purchase Consumer Journey

  • Giftor Journey

  • Mobile Journey

Step-by-step Instructions

How to access the Armalytix request and create an account

  1. Open the request email and click the 'Upload documents' button to open up the AML request in a new tab.
  2. Select the Armalytix requirement and click 'Complete form' or copy the link to send to another individual. This will open up the Armalytix portal in a new tab
  3. If this is your first time using Armalytix, you will be asked to create an account. This is to keep you and your information safe. It also allows you to save progress as you go so users can come back to the Armalytix form.

    Please see this article for more information. If you have created an account before for another firm, click login after inputting your login details. 

How to complete the fact find section

The fact-find survey will ask the individual specific questions related to the selected journey. E.g. if a residential conveyancing purchase is selected, it will ask for information about the property address, purchase price, mortgage information etc.

The user is guided through the fact-find section and will be asked to upload supporting documents to corroborate their statement e.g. if they state they have a mortgage, they will be asked to provide a mortgage offer letter. Once complete, they can review a summary of their responses. 

For a full list of questions by journey, please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager

How to connect your bank 

Once you've completed the fact find, you will be asked to connect your bank where the funds are currently residing. 

  1. Select any of the UK-based banks from the 'Select bank' dropdown list. You will be asked to connect with your bank via the QR code on your Bank App or online banking. 
    1. Please note open banking is not available for non-UK-based banks, Metro Bank or Coop bank. If your bank is not on the drop-down list, click 'My bank isn't in this list'. Your documents can be uploaded manually. If you are unable to connect the account(s) that your money is in then this article explains how to add them manually.
  2. Once you have added your bank, this will pull the information from your current account. Connect any other accounts as necessary to prove the total balance required. 

How to proceed when you've connected your bank

Once you've connected to a bank, you may be wondering how to proceed with your report.  Firstly, hit the <Continue> button, which can be found just under the bank selector - this button isn't enabled until you've connected a bank or added an account manually:

If the button isn't enabled even though you've connected an account, then you may still need to prove that you have a certain amount of money in your accounts - you'll be able to tell if this is the case as there will be a "Remaining" amount at the top of the screen, alongside the amount that you need to demonstrate (the "Required" amount) and the total amount that you have demonstrated so far: 

Once you've shown you have enough money the "Remaining" figure will change to an "Excess" and you'll be able to hit Continue:

If you are unable to connect the account(s) that your money is in then this article explains how to add them manually.

How to complete the source of funds questionnaire

This is a LegalEye-endorsed questionnaire that asks the user to provide some more information about their source of funds. The user will be asked to select one or more reasons for how they have obtained their funds. 

The user will be asked to upload evidence to confirm their statements e.g. if the user has selected salary/employed income, they will be asked to upload 3 months of payslips. The user can add more sources of funds once they have completed the information for one source. 

How to create the source of funds report

  1. Once all the sources of funds have been added, click 'Continue - create your report'. 
  2. You will see a success message. You can then either add or change accounts if more information is needed, or share the report with the firm. The firm will only see the report once the user consents to share the report.
  3. Once the report is shared, Armalytix removes any access to the user's accounts. A notification will then be sent to the assigned First AML users on the Source platform alerting them o