1. Open your case

  1. Click ‘+Create new case’ and select ‘Entity’

  2. Select the office (if configured) and the Verification Type for the beneficial owners (more information here: Verification types)
    1. The verification type will be defaulted to the default type your firm selected during set-up.

  3. Select the primary entity type - e.g. ‘Private Company’ or select an entity type from the dropdown list

  4. Enter the full legal name of the entity

  5. Select the country where the entity is registered and the registry number (if applicable)

  6. Enter case reference (optional)

  7. Click ‘Create case’. This will take you to the structure page of the new case for you to start the KYB Unwrap process.

  8. Once the case is created, the case creator will be automatically assigned to the case.

Video demonstration

2. Unwrap or Build the Structure

To unwrap the structure of the Private Company using First AML’s KYB unwrap feature (recommended), see here: 

To manually add individuals or entities to the Structure:

  1. Click the ‘Structure’ tab

  2. Click ‘Edit

3.  To add an individual click ‘Add individual’ and enter their name, role within the structure and verification type. Select ‘Add Individual’. 

4.  To add an entity click the blue + and enter the name, entity type, and ownership type (if shareholding, enter the shareholding percentage). Select ‘Add Entity’. 

3. Adding Requirements

Upon unwrapping the Private Company's structure, the 'Manifest' tab will dynamically generate profiles for all entities and individuals involved, presenting suggested documents to be collected. 

These suggestions can be accepted or dismissed, and additional requirements can be added based on your specific compliance program.

Video Demonstration

Accept or deny suggested requirements

Click ‘Accept’ to add the requirement to the profile or ‘X’ to dismiss the suggestion.

Add requirements

  1. Add requirements with the ‘Add requirement’ button
  2. Select one or more requirements from the dropdown list of requirements
  3. Click ‘Add requirements
  4. The selected requirements will now populate under the entity/individual.

4. Collect documentation from your clients & Mark Individuals as Case Contacts

  1. Ensure the person you want to collect information from is added to the case as an individual
  2. Click ‘Select requirements

  3. Select the requirements you want to request by clicking them

  4. Once all relevant requirements are selected click ‘Create request email

  5. Select the individual to send the request to, by using the ‘to’ field.
    1. You mark an individual as a case contact for the case. To do click the three dots to the right of the individual name and select 'Mark as case contact'. 
  6. Click ‘Send request