To manage user access on the platform, you can easily add or remove users via the dedicated "User" tab. Access to the "User tab" is granted to users with the account types Compliance Admin/ Compliance Office Admin, Team Admin, or Office Admin.

To review the different role types and their access: Click here


Video demonstration - Adding and removing users

Detailed description - Add a user

Step 1 -

At the left tab under Admin click on "Users" 

Step 2 -

Click on "+Add a new user" and enter their name, company email address*, and select their role**. Click 'Save user'. 

*Once you have clicked 'Save user', a password activation link will be sent to the registered email.  

**Note that each role has different capabilities and access on the platform. For more information about this, please click here.

Detailed description - Remove a user

Step 1 -

To deactivate an account, click on the pencil at the right-hand side of the user.  

Step 2 -

Click on the toggle button at the bottom to switch from "Active” to "Inactive". Click on "Save user" to complete the process.