The First AML platform allows you to verify any individuals that you are meeting in person. 

This is available to all users bar the ‘Ready-Only’ and ‘Auditor’ user levels.

You will need to create a case within the First AML platform to do so. An individual card must be present in the Manifest tab for you to trigger the ‘Verify in person’ module. Please click the ‘Add Individual’ button to add an individual to the case.

Please note this function is only available for the following verification configurations that trigger the electronic identity verification (EIV) form:

  • KYC only (with Government ID)
  • KYC & ID anti-tampering
  • KYC, ID anti-tampering & biometrics

How to use this function

  1. Click on the individual’s name and click on their ‘Verification details’. Click the ‘Verify in person’ button to initiate the verification process.

  2. This will then prompt a window giving you two options to access the EIV form.

    1. Option One: Get Started - Choose this option if the device you are using has an inbuilt camera/webcam function. You will be taken directly to the EIV form from your current device (gives you the option to switch devices before photos/videos are required).

    2. Option Two: Verify on another device - Choose this option when you prefer to use the QR code method to move to another device e.g. smartphone to complete the form from there (the Get Started option also gives the option to switch devices if required)

  3. How to use the QR code method:

    • Open your mobile device with a camera, and open the camera app
    • Point your camera at the QR code you see on the screen of the current device with the QR code
    • Click on the prompt the QR code generated to open the form with your browser (In the example below, "Open in Chrome" is generated)