Once you have created a case, collected the documentation required and run the relevant checks, you can review the case before sending it to 'Ready for Review'.

Alternatively, if a case is 'In Progress' and you want to quickly check what information you have and what checks have been run, you can use our review function.

If you are assigned to receive 'Ready for Review' notifications, you can also review the case before approving it.

Detailed Description 

Reviewing a case

To open the review window and check the information within a case, you can:

1. Navigate to the case you wish to check

2. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner for the case

3. Click 'Review case'

4. The review window will be opened and you can click through the individuals/entities

When you click this review button all individual information, entity information, and any case notes, will be displayed for you to check by clicking into each section.

Approving a case

Once you have received the 'Ready for Review' notification and reviewed the case, you can approve the case and move it to 'Completed' status.

To do so, click the 'Approve' button in the top right hand corner.