First AML’s ‘unwrap’ feature combines our entity tree builder with up-to-date company registry data from various global registries. 

However, there are instances where our platform is unable to unwrap an entity structure and surface the information. This happens due to the registered country for that entity having no publicly available company information. 

When this occurs, our platform still enables you to securely request the required documentation to confirm the shareholding structure and build it out digitally within the case.

For further information on the automated unwrap, please click here: Unwrapping Companies in the Structure Tab.


  1. Once a case has been created, ensure that you are in the ‘Structure’ tab
  2. Click the ‘Edit structure’ or the ‘Edit’ button

  3. Once clicked, you can add in any Individual(s) or Entity(s):

    a. Click ‘Add individual’
    b. Enter the individual’s name
    c. Select the type of individual they are (Controlling = Director, Trustee, Executor etc. and Shareholding = confirming their shareholding %) - if the individual has multiple roles, click ‘Add another type’ to confirm their details
    d. Click ‘Add individual’ once all information has been entered

    a. Click the blue circle icon with a ‘+’ symbol
    b. Add the Entity name and select the Entity type (e.g. Private Company, Trust etc.)
    c. Select the type of entity Ownership type (Controlling = the company has effective control over the root entity and Shareholding = shareholding % of the root entity)
    d. Click ‘Add Entity’ to add to the structure