This article contains step-by-step instructions on how to review the Armalytix source of funds request within the platform. 


Video Walkthrough

Watch the video below for a video walkthrough of the process. 

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. The assigned users of the case will receive a notification once the Armalytix requirement is complete. Click the notification to go directly to the case. Alternatively, you can click into the case, and then click 'View report' under the Armalytix requirement in the Manifest. 

  2. The default status of the Armalytix report will be set to 'Awaiting review'. Click the 'View' icon to open up the user's source of funds report. Scroll through and review the information within the report. This will contain the  following information:
    1. The fact-find questionnaire responses
    2. Their account summary and any manually added balances
    3. Daily movements in the account and insights summary on the incoming and outgoing transactions
    4. Top 3 incoming and outgoing cash and cash-like transactions
    5. Large repeating incoming and outgoing transactions
    6. Any standing orders and direct debits
    7. Top large incoming and outgoing transactions
    8. Source of funds questionnaire response for each of their source of funds. 
    9. Any supporting documents to their responses above.
    10. Transactions details by account over the set date range. Transactions will be colour-coded for easy review. Any riskier categories e.g. cash deposits, will be highlighted.

  3. Any supporting documents can be reviewed by clicking the left or right arrows. 
  4. If you are happy with the source of funds evidence, you can change the status by clicking the 'Awaiting review' toggle and selecting 'Approved'. Alternatively, select 'Rejected' if more evidence is needed. 
  5. Once approved, the requirement will be marked as complete and the reviewer's name and date will be recorded within the platform.