This article will guide you on how to download a case report for your internal records. This report includes an overview of the case details such as case name, reference, requester, AML profile details, individual/entity information etc. 

Note: This report does not contain the underlying documentation collected. If you want to download case documents, see: How to download case documents.


Step 1: Get Started 

Login to the First AML Platform, then navigate to the relevant case you want to download the report for.

Step 2: Three-dot icon

Once you have located the case, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Once clicked, select 'Print case'.

Step 3: Save and download

A new window will open showing the case report. Ensure you: set destination as "Save as PDF", select "Save", and name the document and select "Save" again.

The case report should now be downloaded and saved as a PDF to your device.