This article contains step-by-step instructions on how to create and send an Armalytix source of funds request within the platform. 


Video Walkthrough

Watch the video below for a video walkthrough of the process. 

Step-by-step Instructions

Alternatively, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Create a case within the platform. Please see this article for how to do so.

  2. Click 'Add requirement' underneath the individual or entity you want an Armalytix request to be sent to. Select 'Source of funds (Armalytix) 

  3. Next, select the journey you wish your client to go through. The fact-find questions will differ based on the journey. Based on the journey selected, there will be specific fields to complete. There are four journeys available. 
    1. Residential property purchase - best for individual conveyancing transactions.
    2. Giftor - best for individual(s) who are gifting amounts to your client e.g. parents gifting children money for a house purchase
    3. Company property purchase - best for entity property transactions
    4. Standard - best for non-conveyancing related transactions e.g. immigration, family law, high-risk individual. 

  4.  Please note journey information cannot be edited once saved.  If you are not sure of all the details, click 'Save Draft' instead. If you have all the details correct, click 'Save'. 

  5. To send the requirement, click 'Select requirements' to send any or all of the AML requirements to your client contact via email. Your client will be able to complete this via email on their desktop or smartphone. Like with other requirements, any platform communications are automatically logged within the activity log.